Harris Installation Services

Harris Installation Services was formed by Phil Harris in 2003. Phil had been working for fifteen years previously as a Project Manager. Responsible for quoting for, and seeing through, major installation projects, he realised he could offer the same service himself. Except this time a more streamlined and professional service of the highest standard.

Beginning as a small operation run by Phil and his wife Sheri from their home in Hornchurch, the foundations were laid for what has become, nearly two decades later, one of the largest dedicated Office Furniture Installation companies in South East London.

After only twelve months the demand for Installation and Storage signalled the need for significant Warehouse space. With the Company’s way forward now clear, later that same year Warehousing and Office facilities were taken on in Thamesmead, South East London. This provided the space and facilities to increase staff and vehicle numbers and allowed the company to provide a better, more complete service for their clients.


Over time H.I.S. has managed to forge a team of Professional Technicians and Managers who can boast over 130 combined years’ experience in Furniture Installation, Project Management and Commercial Removals, as well as other more specialised forms of removals.

In 2006 H.I.S. began a recycling program by dedicating a member of staff to stripping and separating wood, metal, plastic and fabric and disposing of them at licensed recycling plants. Similarly, with Installations onsite, where all the packaging is collated and removed from site and delivered to a local, reputable recycling company.

Phil believes in the highest standards of operation and professionalism. Our Technicians are some of the best in the industry, and as such you can expect the best result for your workspace. All problems can be solved with some forward planning and a little common sense.

With a strong client base spread across all sectors, we have built relationships across the board with small private companies, to large Blue Chip Organisations and across Government agencies including various bodies under the Mayor of London. Our approach is well known and respected, and the continued return business demonstrates our level of professionalism and dedication to our customers’ needs.

With Harris Installation Services, you will find that we are all part of the same team. It will often be the case that Phil Harris himself will be onsite with sweat on his brow and a drill in his hand!

It is our belief here that our Installation Technicians are the front line of the business. We have members of our team who have been with the company since the very beginning. It is very important to retain a loyal, dedicated workforce who will deliver the best possible performance. As such we maintain a regular training program to ensure all skills are kept up to date, as well as specific training on certain types of furniture. This speeds up the process, resulting in less time spent on site and minimising the loss of productivity that is an inevitability for a client during this process. We will work towards reducing costs to the client and provide a very competitive rate. It is our belief that perfection lies only in the customer’s satisfaction, and our Team will always strive to make sure that every need has been met.


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