Furniture Installation
"Planned, Installed and Managed"
Harris Installation Services specialise in furniture installation and planning. With a portfolio of successful projects, HIS have expertise and experience in all kinds of furniture installation projects.

As a Business grows there will always be the need for restructuring. Whether it’s an increasing workforce, or a need for better space management. We will carry out all aspects of furniture installation for you. From the assembly and delivery of a chair or a cupboard, to the full refit and installation of 10,000sq ft. office space. And beyond!

Furniture installation is the basis of our Business. With many years’ experience spread across the company, it is increasingly rare for us to come across a problem we haven’t solved before. Our technicians have excellent product knowledge built through experience and training. Well prepared for any eventuality, they have experience in repairs of wood, metal and fabric and would even be able to help refresh old furniture where new wouldn’t be cost effective. Our dedicated Project Managers will work side by side with you to organise the best, most cost-effective way to carry out your installation.

Technician at workThe cost will be estimated on a job by job basis. This enables us to provide a bespoke service that works within an overall budget that will be discussed, planned and agreed beforehand so the client knows exactly what to expect prior to the works being carried out.

HIS knows how to plan and execute installation projects. Let an HIS team member assist you with onsite inventories, scheduling forecasts, field measurements, shipping schedules, pre-site construction meetings and project timelines to insure all details of your project are identified and planned for. One of our representatives can assist you with project coordination, project schedules and pre-install field walks to ensure the site is ready and to communicate all information to the Installation Team planning and preparing for the project.

We work to instruction. Once we are provided with the plans we will begin to arrange the building of furniture, and the re-organisation of the floor. Reducing the impact on staff productivity by working to a pre-arranged and agreed schedule of works.

Not every site is a nice clear space ready for transformation. We will help you clear out the space beforehand. We will remove all the unwanted and redundant product and we will recycle where possible and always dispose of all our debris ethically and legally. Our responsibility to the environment is always at the forefront of everything we do.

Our personnel are trained and experienced in a wide spectrum of furniture manufacturers and ranges including:

  • Bisley
  • Bordonarbe
  • Connection
  • Dams
  • Elite
  • Eps
  • Frezza
  • Girsberger
  • Gresham
  • Actiu
  • Ornagebox
  • Herman Miller
  • K.I. Storage
  • Sedus
  • Techo
  • Senator
  • Sinetica
  • Steelcase
  • Sven Christiansen
  • Torasen

On time, as promised, every time. Our Technicians will get things done. They will keep you informed on the progress, and complete your installation to the manufacturer’s specific standards. We will then walk you through upon completion and provide you with a detailed list of ancillary items, leaving your job site clean and tidy and ready for your staff to move in.

Highly driven, with common-sense and a can-do attitude, HIS are the perfect choice to ensure a stress-free, well managed solution to your relocation, furniture and office installation needs.

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